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Because Russian is a critical language, The U.S. government is actively encouraging ROTC students to learn Russian, recognizing the strategic importance of the language in today’s global landscape. The government supports language training through various initiatives and programs, aiming to equip future military leaders with the skills needed to navigate complex international relations, improve cross-cultural communication, and strengthen national security. By prioritizing Russian language education, the government underscores its commitment to preparing ROTC cadets for diverse and critical roles in military and diplomatic arenas. For ROTC students, learning Russian has several key benefits:

  • Developing essential language skills that can enhance your military career;
  • Cultivating leadership abilities and cultural understanding crucial for ROTC and military service;
  • Accessing exclusive study abroad programs, such as Project Global Officer, specifically for ROTC students;
  • Potentially receiving language stipends from your ROTC program (contact your ROTC program for more details);
  • Unlocking more career opportunities within the military.

Project Global Officer

Project Global Officer (Project GO) is a Department of Defense initiative that aims to improve language learning, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Any ROTC cadet is eligible for funding to support participation in the domestic and overseas intensive language programs through Project GO.