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ROTC cadets may be eligible for additional funding to support their participation in the Flagship Program as part of the ROTC Flagship Initiative.

ROTC Flagship Initiative

The ROTC Flagship initiative, sponsored by the National Security Education Program, aims to address the need for future U.S. military officers with linguistic and cultural fluency by increasing the number of ROTC students achieving professional-level proficiency (ILR Level 3) in languages critical to national security.

ArmyROTC and Air Force ROTC both provide scholarship funding directly to students enrolled in the Flagship Program to support cadets participating in the summer intensive language programs as well as the Capstone year in Kazakhstan.

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Project Global Officer

Project Global Officer (Project GO) is a Department of Defense initiative that aims to improve language learning, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers. Any ROTC cadet participating in the Russian Flagship Program is eligible for funding to support participation in the Russian Flagship domestic and overseas intensive language programs through Project GO.

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