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Students of all majors participating in UNCRFP answer a critical need for university-educated US citizens with near-native levels of linguistic and cultural proficiency in Russian. When applying for jobs in state service, international business, or academic research, Flagship-certified professionals of all educational backgrounds stand out with their demonstrated commitment, intellectual versatility, and achievement unique among their peers. UNCRFP offers a variety of options to learners to achieve professional competency in Russian while completing the requirements of their respective UNC majors.

Students admitted to the Russian Flagship Program will participate in academic and co-curricular programming that will advance their knowledge of Russian language and culture. The UNC Russian Flagship (UNCRFP) curriculum comprises three components: four years of US-based Russian language coursework (or their intensive equivalent), a summer of intensive Russian language study in a Russian-speaking country, and a Capstone academic year in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Students work with UNCRFP advisors to develop a personalized academic plan that takes into account personal and cultural backgrounds as well as educational and professional goals. UNCRFP students are also required to participate in individualized tutoring sessions and language proficiency testing, provided by the Russian Flagship Program, to ensure progress toward the Flagship language proficiency benchmarks and to prepare for the Capstone year in Kazakhstan.

Capstone Study Abroad in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Prior to the Capstone year, students will participate in a credit-bearing, pre-departure orientation that will focus on developing knowledge of the host country’s history, culture, and society. Through the Capstone year in Almaty, administered by American Councils for International Education, UNCRFP students will continue Russian language study, take courses specific to their academic interests, and participate in an internship at a local or international institution/ company tailored to their academic and professional specialization.

The Capstone year in Almaty is a fully immersive language and cultural experience that further develops participants’ linguistic and cultural fluency. American Councils coordinates homestays with local Russian-speaking families as well as a variety of cultural excursions around Kazakhstan. Additionally, the professional internship provides students the opportunity to gain tangible experience in their field of interest, develop networking relationships, and solidify their skills as a culturally-aware, global professional.