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Russian Flagship Program student highlights

April 29, 2022

Miguel Angel Bahena Schott, Tekla Maisashvili, Micah McMinn, Quintin Gay, and Samuel Quesada represented the UNC-CH Russian Flagship Program at the National Language Flagship Program Hackathon (University of Maryland, College Park, April 8–9, 2022), where they worked with other Flagship … Read more

#GDTBATH: Lucas Risinger

April 27, 2022

Lucas Risinger first became intrigued by Russia’s history and culture in high school when his history class was learning about the Cold War. When he arrived at Carolina a few years later to study economics and math, he continued to … Read more

#GDTBATH: Griffin McGuire

June 26, 2021

Part of the UNC Russian Flagship Program, Griffin McGuire will spend the next year in Almaty, Kazakhstan, studying at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. When Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Griffin McGuire realized it was a pivotal moment — not … Read more