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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill features a robust Russian studies program, housed in the Department of Germanic and Slavic languages and literatures. The program offers a full-service undergraduate curriculum in Russian language, literature, and culture. Both a major and minor in Russian are offered. Our Russian-language courses emphasize communication and self-expression. Authentic cultural materials including film and music help you to reach your learning goals under the guidance of experienced and dedicated instructors. Courses on literature, film, and culture will engage you in the study of the Russian civilization in all its vibrancy and complexity. Please see find the current and upcoming RUSS Course offerings here.

Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures Major, B.A.– Russian Language and Culture Concentration

RUSS 409 — Intermediate-to-Advance Russian I

RUSSS 410 — Intermediate-to-Advance Russian II

RUSS 415 — Intro to Russian Lit

RUSS 445 — 19th Century Russian Lit & Culture

RUSS 455 — 20th Century Russian Lit & Culture

+ 4 more RUSS Courses


Russian Culture Minor

5 RUSS courses past RUSS 101-102

Language Levels

Basic Russian Communication

Essential basics of Russian for everyday conversations. Lays foundation for development of four language skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading) indispensable for communication on everyday topics in a variety of contexts. Fosters interaction through acquisition of essential communicative and conversational strategies. Introduces learners to structure of contemporary standard Russian through culturally relevant materials.

Students should be at the novice high/intermediate low level.

Intermediate Russian Communication 

Transitional skills for fluent speaking, writing, listening, and reading for intermediate learners. Furthers learners’ competency for communication on everyday topics. Prepares learners for communication on subjects beyond their immediate needs. Expands interactive skillset necessary to maintain conversations and present individual opinions using complex structures. Employs adapted and non-adapted learning materials to promote mastery of contemporary standard Russian.

Students should be at the intermediate low/intermediate mid level.

Intermediate-to-Advanced Russian Communication, Conversation, and Composition in Context

Intermediate-to-advanced communication, conversation, composition, phonetics, and grammar in contemporary cultural context. Meets the needs of learners looking to expand their practical knowledge of contemporary standard Russian in the context of present-day culture, while developing active applied skills pertaining to comprehension, production of, and communication in Russian.

Students should be at the intermediate mid/intermediate high level.

Advanced Communication, Conversation, and Composition in Contemporary Standard Russian

Develops and maintains advanced skills for speaking, writing, listening, and reading in contemporary standard Russian in a variety of communicative situations. Assists advanced learners in solving a wide range of communicative tasks with the aid of unadapted authentic cultural materials.

Students should be at the intermediate high/advanced low level.

Advanced Russian Communication, Composition and Grammar in the Professions

Provides advanced learners with opportunities to develop linguo-cultural skills necessary to practice their profession in Russian. While engaged in academic discourse in contemporary standard Russian, learners research topics in their academic majors, prepare and give presentations and lead discussions focusing on their areas of professional competence. In addition to student-centered segments, the course comprises instructor-led discussions of current affairs and academic subjects.

Students should be at the advanced low and above level.